Study Guides

Many Broadway shows offer study guides to help you incorporate your theater experience into your curriculum. Feel free to share these guides with your group to give them a better understanding of the show!

  • Aladdin: Travel the streets of Agrabah with this Disney classic
  • Chicago: Get the “all that jazz” on the merry murderesses of this hit show.
  • Harry Potter and the Cursed Child: Discover the magic on stage and off.
  • Moulin Rouge the Musical: Welcome to truth, beauty, freedom, and love.
  • SIX: From Tudor Queens to Pop Princesses—A look into the world of Broadway’s “Histo-remix.”
  • The Lion King: Meet the characters, discover the elements of the production, and learn more about the plot points.
  • The Outsiders: Become an “insider” on The Outsiders with this educational study guide.
  • Wicked: Get a production overview, lesson guides, student activities, at-home project suggestions and more from this guide.